Our Staff

Our Human Staff

Ellie Williams

Executive Director

Ellie Williams, MS, NCC, LPC, BCPC

Ellie earned her Master’s degree in Mental Health Counseling from Shippensburg University, PA, where she graduated with honors and was President of the National Honors Society, Chi Sigma Iota. Ellie achieved certification through the National Board of Counselors and completed her licensure requirements in 2010 to become a Board Certified Professional Counselor.

Ellie had nine years of child welfare experience prior to becoming the Executive Director of EquiTeam Support Services in 2007. She is ADVANCED-certified in EAGALA Model Equine-Assisted Psychotherapy/Learning (EAP/EAL), an EAGALA Military Services Provider, EAGALA Mentor and a certified Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy Practitioner.

Susan Scott

Susan Scott, MSW, LSW

Passionate about serving vulnerable populations, Susan began her studies by achieving her Bachelors Degree in Behavioral Sciences with a double minor in Psychology and Gerontology with honors from York College of Pennsylvania. Susan was a member of the Sigma Phi Omega honors society. Since 2011, Susan has continued in her professional development as she held positions within the human services field providing supportive services to at-risk youth, special needs populations, individuals with trauma, foster care parents, adults, and families in the home, school, and community settings.

Continuing with her collegiate achievements, Susan obtained her Masters Degree in Social Work from Millersville University and is a Licensed Master Social Worker in the state of Pennsylvania. Working as a therapist with EquiTeam Support Services, Susan is an EAGALA certified professional in the practice of equine assisted psychotherapy and personal development. Additionally, Susan holds advanced certification as a provider of NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback™ through the Zengar Institute.

Marian Hamilton

Marian Hamilton
Co-Founder/ EAGALA Certified Equine Specialist / Administrator

Marian has given most of the last decade to this organization, working the first three years pro-bono in order to obtain the necessary outcomes to secure contracts and ongoing funding. Marian continues to give back to the community by sharing her farm and animals with the populations served by EquiTeam. In addition to direct client contact, Marian spends many hours behind the scenes ensuring that the facility is in perfect working order as well as assisting with administrative duties.

Marian is an EAGALA certified equine specialist. She brings over 40 years of horsemanship experience to the organization and has effectively and efficiently run the family farm for over 20 years. In addition to these responsibilities, Marian volunteered her time with the Easter Seal’s Handicapped Riding Program for 18 years and Arc of York County for three years. Over many years of equine involvement, Marian has also held leadership roles within local pony club and 4-H chapters in the United States as well as the United Kingdom. She has been able to share her expertise and knowledge with many children and young adults within these disciplines. Marian clearly understands the healing power of the horse and is dedicated to sharing this powerful experience with her clients.

Katie Fitzpatrick

Katie Fitzpatrick
EAGALA Certified Equine Specialist

A lifetime with horses has led Katie to expand her already impressive resume to include working for EquiTeam. She has vast experience in equine behavior, and in breaking and training utilizing Natural Horsemanship; She also showsing and drives miniature horses at the local and national level. Her successful riding and showing career, along with her extensive equine knowledge, made her a wonderful addition to the EquiTeam family, beginning in 2012. When expanding EquiTeam’s programming to work with military services personnel as well as their families, Katie was a perfect fit. She has been connected with the military for many years through friendships and other personal relationships. She has witnessed the effects of PTSD and the challenges veterans face when returning from combat. Katie has supported close friends and significant others through inpatient hospitalizations, rehabilitation programs, and moving through the veteran’s court system. In bringing these two worlds together, Katie has witnessed the power of the horse when interacting with those affected by combat trauma and PTSD.

Michele Schraf

Michele Schraf
Equine Specialist, EAGALA Advanced Certified and EAGALA Mentor

Michele served in the equine-assisted field since 2009, has 17 years of experience working with horses and has been an EAGALA trainer and mentor in her field of expertise. She trained with Gina Campbell, Clean Language Expert, and brings this style of facilitation to her work. Michele has six years of experience working with adolescents in the public school system. Currently, she serves as an independent contractor partnering with other mental health professionals to help those suffering with grief, loss and addiction. She also works with those in the military.

Stephanie Roland

Stephanie Roland
EAGALA Certified Equine Specialist

An avid equestrian since childhood, Stephanie has worked with horses professionally both in the U.S. and the U.K. in the disciplines of dressage and other events. While in England, she obtained her assistant instructor and Stage 4 certificates from the British Horse Society.

Stephanie earned a Juris Doctor from The University of Baltimore School of Law and a B.A. in Sociocultural Anthropology with a minor in Psychology from The George Washington University. In her previous career as an attorney, Stephanie was a prosecutor for the York County District Attorney’s Office in the Family Violence Unit.

In her role as an equine specialist, Stephanie is able to combine her passion for horses with a desire to make a difference in the lives of those who have been affected by trauma.

Our Equine Staff

The horses are an integral part of the EquiTeam therapeutic team. The horse is amazingly perceptive and gives the client an immediate reaction to any situation. The client’s reaction to the horse and its reaction to the client demonstrate how to better communicate and interact with others to accomplish personal goals.

Bulletproof (“Bullet”)

The newest equine staff member, Bullet, is nothing like his name might portray! He is a 14-year-old Quarter Horse and came to EquiTeam from New York after a long career showing and teaching children to ride. His allergies led him to his new vocation as an equine therapy horse. He is the strong, quiet type with a huge heart who gets along with everyone. Bullet has lots of love to give to all that spend time with him.

Chipper (“Chip”)

Chipper is one of EquiTeam’s miniature horses and is like a big man in a little body. Although he is already in his 20’s, his kind eyes and loving personality don’t show his age. EquiTeam rescued Chipper approximately five years ago. He had been poorly cared for and was extremely underweight, yet you would never believe it looking at his waistline now. We brought Chipper home right away to give him a safe and happy home. Not only is Chipper the mascot at EquiTeam, he does tricks. He also gives the best kisses and hugs.

Elby (“LB”)

LB is a retired show hunter who started his life a long way away, in Europe. When he arrived in the United States, he found a wonderful home with a dear friend and ongoing supporter of EquiTeam, Allegra Knight. LB and Allegra did many fun things together until LB injured his leg, which ended his show and riding career. He is still young, and Allegra kindly donated him to EquiTeam so that he could have a wonderful, meaningful career as an equine therapy horse. LB has a ton of personality and loves back scratches and kisses. He has the cutest face that you have ever seen!

Green Spring Puck (“Puck”)

Puck is a 15.3hh Dapple Grey Connemara/Thoroughbred Cross. He is currently ten years old. Puck was bred to be an athletic sport horse, and had a successful riding, jumping and showing career. In recent years Puck has struggled with hoof issues, which limited his riding career. Fortunately, this has allowed him to fully immerse himself in EquiTeam’s equine therapy program. He is curious, kind and playful, and really connects emotionally with the clients we serve.

Griffin (“Griffy”)

Griffy is a 15.1hh Chestnut Draft Cross. He is currently 13 years old. Griffy started his career as a western trail horse. Since then, he’s done a little bit of everything – from showing to jumping to quiet trail riding. He is one of the safest and kindest horses you will meet. He loves hugs and cuddles and will listen to everything you have to say.

Highlands Ashton (“Ashton”)

Ashton is a beautiful dapple grey 14.2hh Welsh/Thoroughbred Cross. He is the youngest member of our equine team and enjoys getting to know everyone. He is sometimes a little shy and often worries when things move too quickly, yet he is honest and kind. Ashton enjoys a nice scratch behind his ear and his dinnertime!

Key to the Empire (“Empire”)

Empire is a 16.2hh Dark Bay “Off the Track” Thoroughbred. He is currently ten years old. Empire was bred to be a racehorse and had a successful racing career. Upon his retirement from the racetrack, Empire found a new job as a riding horse and jumper. In addition to his riding career, Empire found that he loved to connect with people through equine therapy. He came out of his shell and thoroughly enjoys meeting new people. He is expressive, opinionated, silly and extremely athletic.

Max Q (“Dennis”)

Dennis is one of EquiTeam’s older equine residents. He experienced many years as a show horse and lived in many big show barns. He was recently retired by McDonogh School’s riding program and donated to EquiTeam to become an equine therapy horse. Dennis is a wise fellow and will often be seen looking off into the distance as though he is deep in thought. He loves meeting new friends (horse and human) and often greets them with a big lick! He also loves hugs and being brushed.

Miss Katie’s Mini’s

Katie Fitzpatrick is an Equine Specialist here at EquiTeam who has her own herd of miniature horses. She breeds and shows them on a national level. Throughout the year Miss Katie shares her mini’s with EquiTeam, as they all enjoy being a part of the equine therapy. So far Silly, Sassy, Cooper and Devon have joined our team at different times.

EquiTeam Equine Staff

Our Board of Directors

Board President

Chris Hamilton
Founder of EquiTeam Support Services
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Marian Hamilton
Co-Founder of EquiTeam Support Services
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Dallastown, PA 17313
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Matthew Williams
Advantage Engineers
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Mrs. Joey Anderson
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